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X-Factor Top 9 Rankings

9) Chris Rene- It’s nice to see him distracting America from Astro’s drama by completely murdering and shitting all over a Beatles song, and then trying to cover it up with Young Homie. I might have a heart attack if he isn’t in the bottom 3 next week.

8) Lakoda Rayne- It’s becoming clear these girls haven’t had enough rehearsal time to get harmonies down, because this week was terrible. Taking a step back from last week.

7) Marcus Canty- His vocals were all over the place in the middle of the song, and it pandered. I’m not sure he did anything to help himself here. I have no idea who he is as an artist.

6) Rachel Crow- Solid vocals, but I have no idea who she is as an artist.

5) Melanie Amaro- I don’t think that was the right song choice, but again, she can sing the shit out of anything.

4) Astro- I have always thought that Astro is one of the best contestants, because he’s relevant, marketable, original, and he writes all of his own new lyrics every week (something only Chris Rene has even attempted). He makes it more than just a karaoke competition, and tonight was strong. I hope he stays out of the bottom this week, but I completely understand if he’s not. He was definitely a twerp last week.

3) Drew- LA Reid is a fucking idiot. Demi Lovato makes music for 40 year olds? What a fucking dipshit. Drew did the same exact thing this week.

2) Leroy Bell- His best vocal so far (since To Make You feel My Love at least), and I think it did a lot to help him stay safe this week. He’s been incredibly boring in past weeks, but this week I think he nailed it.

1) Josh Krajic- Magic. Hands down best performance and vocal.



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