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This is likely a little late, but I just had the pleasure of enjoying Mel Gibson’s performance in The Beaver. There is an honesty and a sadness in his performance that is (truthfully) lacking from George Clooney’s heralded performance in The Descendants. While Clooney is fine, I felt like something was missing. Maybe it has something to do with Clooney’s tabloid scandal free life, but he’s missing a little bit of depth, something that Mel Gibson actually has in The Beaver. There’s an honesty to his characters depression that makes you realize that not just his character is going through this, but so is the actor.

Not many people saw The Beaver in theatres. It failed to make even a million dollars domestically, despite Gibson, Jodie Foster, Anton Yelchin, and Jennifer Lawrence toplining the film. Made for a cool 21 million (that’s right, 21 million), The Beaver became a bomb. Is there anything particularly wrong with the film? No. While it’s not one of the best movies of the year, it did score a positive 62% on Rotten Tomatoes.

I suppose what I’m saying is that it’s time to get back in the Mel Gibson game. Somewhere along the way, we became interested in the stars personal lives, and how it all played out. What’s ridiculous is that Gibson is being held to a different standard than other stars. We’ve forgotten about Robert Downey Jr.’s coke habit, or Alec Baldwin’s phone rant to his daughter. We’ve given a pass to Nick Nolte (who is currently a frontrunner for a Supporting Actor nomination for Warrior) and Mickey Rourke. Snoop Dogg was on trial for MURDER, and NBC just gave him a development deal for a family sitcom.

Yet somehow, Mel Gibson’s terrific performance in The Beaver (which gained attention on The Black List for being one of the truly great undiscovered scripts) goes unnoticed because people are concerned about what they read in the tabloids. What did he say to his wife? Does he hate jews?

Lars Von Trier recently got caught up in a Nazi scandal, yet that hasn’t stopped critics from declaring the brilliance of Melancholia, or Kirsten Dunst from being a legitimate Oscar contender. People still watch Meloncholia even though Trier might be a Nazi sympathizer.

The simple fact is, we never started liking these actors because we thought they were great family men. We connected with them because of what they brought to their characters on the screen. It’s time to give Mel Gibson a break, because he’s a tremendous actor that demands your attention. Watch The Beaver and tell me I’m wrong.


Paul Giamatti has long flown under the radar, giving “average guy” performances that don’t really ignite the box office, yet receive critical acclaim. Win-Win is another one of those films, sadly, after being left to die at the box office with only 10M in grosses. But that’s 10M for a film that never received wide release, and did business based on the word of mouth of how good the film really is. And honestly, it really is that good. It’s funny when its unexpected, real and emotional like you wouldn’t expect, and it’s led by some really great performances by Paul Giamatti, Amy Ryan, and breakthrough Alex Schaffer. Win Win wasn’t a movie that was really on my radar, but then it started popping up on critics lists, and I’m glad I got the chance to see the film.

Win Win follows the story of Mike Flaherty (Giamatti), a lawyer who comes into guardianship of Leo (Burt Young), and later his grandson Kyle (Alex Schaffer). Kyle has essentially run away from home, leaving behind his drug addict mother (Melanie Lynskey), and her abusive boyfriend. Kyle has a talent, and that’s wrestling. Mike happens to coach the wrestling team, and he works with Kyle on his talent so that Kyle can have a promising future, and Mike’s wrestling team can finally win once. Along the way, Kyle becomes a better teenager while being parented by proper people, and connects with his grandfather.In the end, it’s Mike who grows the most, realizing the mistakes he’s made, and later being presented with the opportunity to right them.

Paul Giamatti gives a great performance as Mike, keeping him grounded, thus allowing the audience to relate. Luckily, he’s got Amy Ryan to keep him strong, and she gives an equally grounded performance as his wife. Alex Schaffer, while he won’t get any nominations, is pretty good as Kyle too. It’ll take a few more films to see what kind of range he has, but he is definitely on the right path. Directed by Thomas McCarthy (The Visitor), Win Win is a strong little film that deserves not to get lost this awards season. Will it? Probably. But that’s a shame.


Admittedly, I missed Tree of Life in theatres. The likely winner of the Oscar for Best Cinematography is probably best seen on a large screen, not my 46incher at home. However, I at least made the attempt to watch it in bluray hi-def, so there’s something. But, Tree of Life is nothing if not visual, so make sure you see it on the best resolution possible.

Tree Of Life is a strong case for avant garde filmmaking. While I disapprove of the National Geographic Stock Footage segments that fill space in between the actual story, the basic plot of the film, “family”, is something that Terrence Malick has done perfectly. The film begins with two parents (Brad Pitt and Jessica Chastain) lamenting the loss of their 19 year old son. After that, some stock footage fills time, and we are launched back to when that son of theirs was just a boy growing up. There is something beautifully realistic about these segments, because its not told in traditonal storytelling. You feel almost as if you are there witnessing their lives, not even through family films, but right there with them. It’s oddly real, something most filmmakers strive to capture.

Oddly, there is no hype for Hunter McCracken, who makes a bold breakthrough performance as the young version of Jack, later played sparingly by Sean Penn. Hunter feels like the neighbor’s kid, and every choice he makes is shockingly real. This kid isn’t acting, he is the son of these two parents. He is the boy who suffers an overbearing father, and suffers the consequences he makes as a kid. He is a boy, in the vein of Tom Sawyer or Huck Finn, in that he desperately wants to be a boy, but his father is expecting him to be a man. This film would not have worked without Hunter.

Another terrific performance is from Brad Pitt, who you almost forget is Brad Pitt, as the overbearing father. Gone is the sweetness that has lured women into Brad Pitt over the years. This is a father, struggling to provide for his family, and bring his sons up right. Is he overbearing? Yes. But he’s trying the best way he knows how.

I can’t put this in my top 10, simply because Terrence Malick decided that Tree of Life needed to be something else. Whatever that is, a meditation on life or whatnot, is unnecessary. There are actual dinosaurs in a small segment of this film. He attempted to recreate 2001. He actually made a better film, but it is still marred by unnecessary footage. It’s like he thinks we’re all babies, and dangling the shiny objects in front of us will entertain you for hours. Not true. I was bored during these segment, which allowed me to venture off into the internet (since I saw this at home) instead of pay attention to pictures of the earth, space, organisms, and whatever else Malick chose to show.

But, I still recommend Tree of Life because the story at the heart of the film is beautiful, and well told. Superb acting, simplistic realism, and real emotion. That is Tree of Life. Just skip the other stuff.




Believe it or not, I’ve actually been tracking every awards, every top 10 list, and so on for Awards Season. Based on these picks, I’ve come up with a basic “rundown” of how the race is shaping up. You can’t trust Oscar pundits out there, because they’re still shilling their own picks. Take AwardsDaily, for example, whose sole job is to track these types of awards. They’re listing Jeremy Irons for Supporting Actor as a possibility, despite the fact that he hasn’t shown up on ANY awards list other than their own. In their own writings, they keep trying to make things happen, that will never happen. This is a rundown of the real race, and who has the best chance of winning.


Right now, this race is strongly between The Artist and The Descendants. Both films have had almost equally strong showings up to this point. Both are guaranteed, money-down, locks for Best Picture nominations at this point. Also a lock is Tree of Life, which is a polarizing love-it-or-hate-it film. The way the Academy votes, however, will help it. Because those who love it, believe it is the best picture of the year, and will give it enough #1 votes to make the cut. Now, since the Academy changed the rules so that anywhere from 5-10 films can be nominated, it gets a bit tricky after that. The best guess for the final two top 5 films are Hugo and Drive, which currently round out the top 5 in the race. However, The Help, Moneyball, Midnight In Paris, War Horse, and Bridesmaids should not be counted out. As longshots, I would note 50/50, My Week With Marilyn, Shame, Take Shelter, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, The Ides of March, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Margin Call, and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Anything else is unlikely at this point to pick up any kind of steam to get nominated. It is possible that films like Dragon Tattoo and Extremely Loud will get more steam once released, which could push them to the top of the longshot pile.


Believe it or not, Martin Scorsece (Hugo), is winning this race currently. Probably because he’s a well respected director. He’s only slightly edging out the relatively unknown Michel Hazavanicus (The Artist). Both are locks at this point. Likely to round out the top 5 are Alexander Payne (The Descendants), Nicholas Winding Refn (Drive), and Terrence Malik (Tree of Life). Though, Woody Allen (Midnight In Paris) is really close, and Steven Spielberg (War Horse) could sneak in. This is NOT David Fincher’s year, nor Stephen Daldry’s. I wouldn’t expect to see either in this race, even if their films do sneak nominations.



This is currently a tie between George Clooney (The Descendants) and Michael Fassbender (Shame), though don’t be fooled. Michael Fassbender is by no means a lock. His NC-17 film could cause him to miss out on a nomination, as a “SHOCK” to everyone. NC-17 has yet to be an accepted rating in the industry, or respected at least, and Michael needs all the support he can to break into this category and break new ground. Also likely for a nomination Brad Pitt (Moneyball) and Jean Dujardin (The Artist). Looking for the last slot, you’ll see either Michael Shannon (Take Shelter), Leonardo Dicaprio (J. Edgar), Gary Oldman (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy), or maybe even Ryan Gosling (Drive). No one else. Sorry Woody.


She’s leading the race now, so I’m banking on Michelle Williams (My Week With Marilyn) to win this thing. She’ll be nominated against Tilda Swinton (We Need To Talk About Kevin), Meryl Streep (The Iron Lady), and Viola Davis (The Help). Filling the last slot will be either Elizabeth Olsen (Martha Marcy Mae Marlene), Charlize Theron (Young Adult), Glenn Close (Albert Nobbs), or Rooney Mara (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo). As a LONGSHOT, I would also note Kirsten Dunst (Melancholia), though I seriously doubt she gets the fifth spot.


This is a deadly close race between Albert Brooks (Drive) and Christopher Plummer (Beginners). Both are guaranteed nominations at this point. They’re so far ahead of the others, it’s silly. The other 3 space fillers will likely be Kenneth Branaugh (My Week With Marilyn), and two of the following: Jonah Hill (Moneyball), Nick Nolte (Warrior), Patton Oswalt (Young Adult), Andy Serkis (Rise of the Planet of the Apes), Viggo Mortensen (A Dangerous Method), Armie Hammer (J. Edgar), or Max Von Sydow (Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close). I’d count all others out at this point.


This is the closest, most wide open race. Tracking currently as the top contenders, Octavia Spencer (The Help), Jessica Chastain (The Help), and Shailene Woodley (The Descendants), seem like the most surefire things, but nothing in this category is a lock. Right behind them are Melissa McCarthy (Bridesmaids), Bernice Bejo (The Artist), Janet McTeer (Albert Nobbs), Carey Mulligan (Shame), Jessica Chastain (Tree of Life), and Vanessa Redgrave (Corolanius). Again, no one is safe though.


This race is only between The Descendants and Moneyball. One of those two films will win, both will be nominated. The race is too much in their favor at this point. Vying for the other 3 spots are The Help, Hugo, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, and Drive.



You’re looking at a 3 way race between Midnight In Paris, The Artist, and 50/50. All three should be locks. The last two spots could go to Win Win, The Ides of March, A Separation, Tree of Life, Beginners, or Young Adult.


And the Oscar goes to…. Rango. With the biggest gap between 1st and 2nd place, Rango is killing the competition. Also a lock for a nomination is Adventures of Tin Tin. Puss In Boots and Arthur Christmas look strong for 3rd and 4th, with either Kung Fu Panda 2, Winnie The Pooh, or maybe even Cars 2 as the final nomination.


A really odd category, since the Oscars have already shortened the list. They’ve left out the current second place finisher Cave of Forgotten Dreams, which has been sweeping the lists, but didn’t make the final cut. That means it’s basically Project Nim for the win. The closest eligible documentary is 10 points beneath him with Buck. Other potential nominees (that are eligible) are Undefeated, Pina, Bill Cunningham: New York, and We Were Here.


A Separation will win this category. Le Havre will be nominated. Other than that… most of the films that are getting other nominations are not eligible for awards, like The Skin I Live In or 13 Assassins, because most of them haven’t opened in America, and will open next year on the hopes of riding their Oscar nominations.

A few more quick thoughts…


Hugo, The Artist, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 2, Tree of Life, and War Horse


The Artist, Jane Eyre, Hugo, The Help, My Week With Marilyn


Tree Of Life (WINNER), Hugo, The Artist, War Horse, and Drive


Albert Nobbs, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and J Edgar


Hugo, Drive, The Artist, War Horse, Girl With The Dragon Tattoo


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 2, Hugo, Super 8, Tree of Life, War Horse


Drive, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 2, Super 8, Tree of Life, War Horse


Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 2, Super 8, Hugo


The Artist, Drive, Hugo, War Horse, Girl With The Dragon Tattoo


The Living Proof- The Help

Hello Hello- Gnomeo and Juliet

Life Is A Happy Song- The Muppets

Lay Your Head Down- Albert Nobbs

Man or Muppet- The Muppets



Drew- She’s hardly the first one to slow down Billie Jean and strip it down. However, it worked for her voice. She’s becoming an American Teen version of Adele. I’m still concerned that she can’t sing uptempo at all. Or even a moderate tempo song. Paula was right. Avril Lavigne would be great for Drew. The thing that Simon has done with Drew is make sure you know exactly what kind of record she’ll cut. She’s the most well branded contestant on the show.

Melanie Amaro- I spent a while thinking about who was better, Drew or Melanie, and I ended up with Drew, because I feel like that cut could be on her album, whereas I felt that Melanie’s song choice wouldn’t make the cut. It was a great vocal, for sure, but is it really the kind of music she should be making? Simon has the two frontrunners in his category. One, he’s made extremely relevant, and allowed to be an artist. The other is simply a tremendous vocalist, but has yet to demand that she’s relevant in the current music scene. You know, Kimberly Locke was a good vocalist too, and how did that work out for her? But, seriously, tremendous vocals.

Astro- Considering that he had to take a song that had no rap in it, and put a spin on it, he did a solid job. It wasn’t my favorite of his (Lose Yourself), but I thought he did a really solid job. I think he deserves a top 5 slot.

Marcus Canty- It was much better than last week, but this week is sort of his week… you know? Short of a “Bobby Brown” night, this is the best theme he could have gotten. He worked his ass off on stage, and I think he deserves to stay. For the long haul though, I have no idea what kind of album he’ll make, and that’s going to keep him out of the finale, no matter how hard he works. I disagree that his vocals were poor. He might have just not sounded great live.

Rachel Crow- I think the look on Blanket’s face during her performance summed it all up. “Really?” Rachel has been hit-and-miss every week of the competition. This was a miss week for her. She had a silly echo coming from her mic. The song was too low for her in parts, which cause it to be not a great vocal overall. For a super uptempo song that asked us persistently “Can You Feel It?”, I did not. Rachel has escaped the bottom before, but I’m not 100% sure she will again this week.

Josh Krajick- This was not his week. I don’t think he’ll get the boot because of it, but he might dip into the bottom 3. I just think the judges will save him. He was swallowed up by the arrangement. It was almost like he was a background singer to the dancers and the track he was matched to. It was a very odd performance for me. It is by far his weakest performance to date.

Chris Rene- I think people are voting for Chris because they’re afraid he’ll relapse. But the time has come to let him go. He’s by far the weakest singer in the competition, and if I have to sit through another week of him trying to sing something, and then just giving up and rapping through the song… someone will be hurt. Seriously though, you do realize that the music swells loud enough during Chris’s singing to mask the fact that he sounds terrible, right? You realize that they’re hiding his vocals from you. Even the producers know he can’t sing.


Who SHOULD go home: Chris Rene, Rachel Crow

Who WILL go home: Chris Rene and…. Rachel Crow or Marcus Canty.

Possible Shocking 7th Place Elimination: Astro (I fully believe that if Astro faced off against any of the three people I’ve already listed, he would move forward. As I also believe Josh would.)



9) Chris Rene- It’s nice to see him distracting America from Astro’s drama by completely murdering and shitting all over a Beatles song, and then trying to cover it up with Young Homie. I might have a heart attack if he isn’t in the bottom 3 next week.

8) Lakoda Rayne- It’s becoming clear these girls haven’t had enough rehearsal time to get harmonies down, because this week was terrible. Taking a step back from last week.

7) Marcus Canty- His vocals were all over the place in the middle of the song, and it pandered. I’m not sure he did anything to help himself here. I have no idea who he is as an artist.

6) Rachel Crow- Solid vocals, but I have no idea who she is as an artist.

5) Melanie Amaro- I don’t think that was the right song choice, but again, she can sing the shit out of anything.

4) Astro- I have always thought that Astro is one of the best contestants, because he’s relevant, marketable, original, and he writes all of his own new lyrics every week (something only Chris Rene has even attempted). He makes it more than just a karaoke competition, and tonight was strong. I hope he stays out of the bottom this week, but I completely understand if he’s not. He was definitely a twerp last week.

3) Drew- LA Reid is a fucking idiot. Demi Lovato makes music for 40 year olds? What a fucking dipshit. Drew did the same exact thing this week.

2) Leroy Bell- His best vocal so far (since To Make You feel My Love at least), and I think it did a lot to help him stay safe this week. He’s been incredibly boring in past weeks, but this week I think he nailed it.

1) Josh Krajic- Magic. Hands down best performance and vocal.



10) Stacey Francis- Her frog noises are getting on my nerves. I’m not a fan of Stacey, and I think she’ll be going home. I think it’s her and Lakoda Rayne, and I doubt the judges pick Paula’s group again 3 weeks in a row. That’s just mean. Plus, her stank face while receiving bad comments was annoying. Leroy and Chris took their comments with grace, and Stacey looked like she wanted to slap someone.

9) Rachel Crow- Inappropriate song choice. I think it’s a step back from last week. Her vocals were all over the place. I have no idea what record she’d make, because her song choices are all over the map. I can’t see her winning. She’s too American Idol for this competition, in that it feels karaoke when she hits the stage.

8) Lakoda Rayne- OK, the vocals were crap. What really helps them this week is the uptempo arrangement, which made them less like robots, and the package where each girl talked individually. Until now, I had no idea who these girls were, and now I know a bit more. Plus, their names were behind them, which helped. I think, even though their vocals were sketchy, this was still their best performance, and they stepped in the right direction. I would like them to stick around for another week (especially if it means Stacey Francis goes home). Seriously though, tons of personality tonight… almost out of nowhere. Did these girls drink some Red Bull before hitting the stage?

7) Marcus Canty- He sang the song well, and just like Rachel, I think he’s struggling to be an “artist”, and is taking this competition like it’s American Idol. There is no cohesive string between his performance, and I have no idea what record he’d make. LA seems to be kinda throwing him under the bus, to boost Astro or Chris a bit more. He’s not doing what he needs to in order to be a contender.

6) Chris Rene- LA has obviously realized that Chris can’t sing, so he’s pushing him into rap songs. I think that Chris is very marketable, but the problem is that Astro is a much better rapper, and everyone in the competition outsings Chris. I don’t think Chris will crack the Top 5, and LA is struggling to keep Chris from falling apart.

5) Leroy Bell- I don’t get why Leroy gets comments about doing the ballad thing every week, and Drew doesn’t. He’s a male version of Drew at this point, and he chose a song that he sang well, and made me want to buy his record. Isn’t that the point? This was so much better than I’m Already There.

4) Melanie Amaro- Not my favorite performance of hers, but she can sing the shit out of anything. I just think the song was too small for her, and there are bigger songs out there for her to shine on. I think Simon let her down a bit.

3) Astro- This kid is going to be huge very soon. I don’t know if you realize that he’s rewriting lyrics to well known songs, and his lyrics still fit the tune, they fit him, and he brings it every week. I never thought a rapper would do so well on one of these competitions, but Astro kills this every week. At first, he was a gimmick, and a joke, but now he’s a contender.

2) Josh Krajick-The only real ROCK performance of the night. He just owned the shit out of that song. He’s Nicole’s shot at winning, and she needs to not fuck it up. He justly got a standing ovation tonight. I’m surprised he didn’t close the show.

1) Drew- LA needs to STFU since Astro does the same thing every week also. All Simon is doing is helping Drew establish herself as an artist. I will say that even Adele does some uptempo songs (Rumor Has It), and I’m waiting for her to do something not like a ballad. However, this was absolutely beautiful tonight. Seriously. Fuck yes. I wish there was a studio recording of this so I could listen to the full song. I felt more of her in the song this week than with Fix You. This is very much a Drew vs Melanie competition right now (with Astro and Josh as dark horses). Simon is smart to keep Drew in her zone every week. But please TRY something at least moderately uptempo so you don’t make an album of lullabys.

Side note: Can we PLEASE fire Steve Jones? I don’t care that the season has already started… he’s the least charismatic host ever. I’m fucking tired of his abrasive tone interrupting everything.

Bottom 2: Stacey and Lakoda Rayne (maybe Marcus)

Going Home: Stacey Francis


11) Stereo Hoggz- I think their performance this week was full of showmanship, for sure. But they were singing in unison a lot, and it didn’t sound great. After taking a trip to the Bottom 2 this week, I’m predicting they repeat, and go home.

10) Lakoda Rayne- Landslide didn’t do them any favors, and a very bland rendition of Somebody Like You isn’t helping. Plus, does anyone know who these girls are? I honestly think they could replace one of the girls with a random blonde girl, and no one would notice. Not even Paula.

9) Chris Rene- He’s given up on singing altogether, apparently. He’s not nearly as good a rapper as Astro, and he’s the weakest singer in the competition. He may be coming to an end soon.

8) Stacey Francis- I can’t say I enjoyed her screechy/Kermit inspired Queen of the Night. Melanie is the same genre, and she did her performance much better.

7) Leroy Bell- I absolutely love him, but in the same vein where Drew is getting knocked for doing ballads, Leroy also shows little to no range in genre. Plus, I’m starting to realize that he isn’t really a “pop star”, but he still definitely deserves a record deal. It kills me to put him this low.

6) Marcus Canty- He stayed about the same for me as last week. He played it smart this week and focused mainly on vocals, which was solid. He really struggled taking off that jacket though…

5) Josh Krajick- Very growly. Just like Leroy, I’m not 100% sure if he’s a “pop star”. But again, he deserves a record deal.

4) Rachel Crow- She moved up for me. It was a bit over mature for her, but she needed to remind us all why she’s in the competition after last week’s horrible song choice.

3) Drew- Again. She can’t just have an album of ballads. Even Adele has a few semi-upbeat numbers. Unless Simon is planning for Drew to release an album of lullabys, he’s gonna have to cave at some point.

2) Melanie Amaro- She needs to do something contemporary/upbeat. I have full faith in her abilities though.

1) Astro- He has no chance in winning, but he’s currently the most interesting contestant. He’s a much better rapper than Chris Rene, and he writes an assault of lyrics for a well known song that are just as powerful as the original, and are tailor made for his situation. I could totally see this kid on the radio a year from now. I’m serious.


My Rankings of Last Night’s performances:

12) InTENsity- I’m done with Glee-lite. Can we all just finally agree this was not a good idea (or at least way too many people?)

11) Lakoda Rayne- Did not sound good last night, and they’re also struggling with staying together as a group.

10) Chris Rene- I like him, but to have a guy with a very limited range sing a Luther Vandross song is a mistake. His voice pales in comparison.

9) Stacey Francis- I feel like I’ve been assaulted by melisma.
8 ) Rachel Crow- She sang it well, but it was the wrong song, and they shouldn’t have changed the lyrics.

7) Stereo Hoggz- I’m trying to not hate all three groups simultaneously, and I like Stereo Hoggz the best out of all of them, but even their harmonies get freaky sometimes.

6) Leroy Bell- He’s better than this song. I think Nicole’s afraid of giving him uptempo songs (just like Josh), but the two of them won’t survive with drippy ballads for 6 more weeks.

5) Marcus Canty- Solid work. Solid vocals. He’s starting to look more like a contender.

4) Melanie Amaro- Not my favorite performance of hers, but this girl can definitely sing.

3) Josh Krajick- More drippy ballads, but damn he sang it well. And he seemed to feel it even more than Leroy felt his son.

2) Astro- Yeah, I’m ranking him this high. He looked like a pro on that stage. I think he’ll get a record deal out of this show, for sure. He has zero chance of winning though.

1) Drew- She had the best combination of overall performance with everything happening around her. Really good.


I don’t know if you’re aware, but A&E occasionally airs original programming. It’s this revelation that might shock you when you find out that The Glades has been renewed for a third season. Yes, it’s already played for 2 summers now, and will return next summer. That’s a big deal for A&E, who is more famous for axing The Beast (the Patrick Swayze drama) after one season. Most of their programming is reality based, like Hoarders, Intervention, and The First 48.

A&E has ventured into scripted programming with The Glades and Breakout Kings, as well as past shows like The Beast and The Cleaner. Breakout Kings will return next summer as well for its second season.