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X-Factor Top 10 Rankings

10) Stacey Francis- Her frog noises are getting on my nerves. I’m not a fan of Stacey, and I think she’ll be going home. I think it’s her and Lakoda Rayne, and I doubt the judges pick Paula’s group again 3 weeks in a row. That’s just mean. Plus, her stank face while receiving bad comments was annoying. Leroy and Chris took their comments with grace, and Stacey looked like she wanted to slap someone.

9) Rachel Crow- Inappropriate song choice. I think it’s a step back from last week. Her vocals were all over the place. I have no idea what record she’d make, because her song choices are all over the map. I can’t see her winning. She’s too American Idol for this competition, in that it feels karaoke when she hits the stage.

8) Lakoda Rayne- OK, the vocals were crap. What really helps them this week is the uptempo arrangement, which made them less like robots, and the package where each girl talked individually. Until now, I had no idea who these girls were, and now I know a bit more. Plus, their names were behind them, which helped. I think, even though their vocals were sketchy, this was still their best performance, and they stepped in the right direction. I would like them to stick around for another week (especially if it means Stacey Francis goes home). Seriously though, tons of personality tonight… almost out of nowhere. Did these girls drink some Red Bull before hitting the stage?

7) Marcus Canty- He sang the song well, and just like Rachel, I think he’s struggling to be an “artist”, and is taking this competition like it’s American Idol. There is no cohesive string between his performance, and I have no idea what record he’d make. LA seems to be kinda throwing him under the bus, to boost Astro or Chris a bit more. He’s not doing what he needs to in order to be a contender.

6) Chris Rene- LA has obviously realized that Chris can’t sing, so he’s pushing him into rap songs. I think that Chris is very marketable, but the problem is that Astro is a much better rapper, and everyone in the competition outsings Chris. I don’t think Chris will crack the Top 5, and LA is struggling to keep Chris from falling apart.

5) Leroy Bell- I don’t get why Leroy gets comments about doing the ballad thing every week, and Drew doesn’t. He’s a male version of Drew at this point, and he chose a song that he sang well, and made me want to buy his record. Isn’t that the point? This was so much better than I’m Already There.

4) Melanie Amaro- Not my favorite performance of hers, but she can sing the shit out of anything. I just think the song was too small for her, and there are bigger songs out there for her to shine on. I think Simon let her down a bit.

3) Astro- This kid is going to be huge very soon. I don’t know if you realize that he’s rewriting lyrics to well known songs, and his lyrics still fit the tune, they fit him, and he brings it every week. I never thought a rapper would do so well on one of these competitions, but Astro kills this every week. At first, he was a gimmick, and a joke, but now he’s a contender.

2) Josh Krajick-The only real ROCK performance of the night. He just owned the shit out of that song. He’s Nicole’s shot at winning, and she needs to not fuck it up. He justly got a standing ovation tonight. I’m surprised he didn’t close the show.

1) Drew- LA needs to STFU since Astro does the same thing every week also. All Simon is doing is helping Drew establish herself as an artist. I will say that even Adele does some uptempo songs (Rumor Has It), and I’m waiting for her to do something not like a ballad. However, this was absolutely beautiful tonight. Seriously. Fuck yes. I wish there was a studio recording of this so I could listen to the full song. I felt more of her in the song this week than with Fix You. This is very much a Drew vs Melanie competition right now (with Astro and Josh as dark horses). Simon is smart to keep Drew in her zone every week. But please TRY something at least moderately uptempo so you don’t make an album of lullabys.

Side note: Can we PLEASE fire Steve Jones? I don’t care that the season has already started… he’s the least charismatic host ever. I’m fucking tired of his abrasive tone interrupting everything.

Bottom 2: Stacey and Lakoda Rayne (maybe Marcus)

Going Home: Stacey Francis


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