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Can We Accept Mel Gibson As An Actor?

December 24, 2011

This is likely a little late, but I just had the pleasure of enjoying Mel Gibson’s performance in The Beaver. There is an honesty and a sadness in his performance that is (truthfully) lacking from George Clooney’s heralded performance in The Descendants. While Clooney is fine, I felt like something was missing. Maybe it has […]

Movie Review: Win-Win

December 19, 2011

Paul Giamatti has long flown under the radar, giving “average guy” performances that don’t really ignite the box office, yet receive critical acclaim. Win-Win is another one of those films, sadly, after being left to die at the box office with only 10M in grosses. But that’s 10M for a film that never received wide […]

Movie Review: Tree Of Life

December 17, 2011

Admittedly, I missed Tree of Life in theatres. The likely winner of the Oscar for Best Cinematography is probably best seen on a large screen, not my 46incher at home. However, I at least made the attempt to watch it in bluray hi-def, so there’s something. But, Tree of Life is nothing if not visual, […]

Oscar Roundup- The Race So Far

December 16, 2011

  Believe it or not, I’ve actually been tracking every awards, every top 10 list, and so on for Awards Season. Based on these picks, I’ve come up with a basic “rundown” of how the race is shaping up. You can’t trust Oscar pundits out there, because they’re still shilling their own picks. Take AwardsDaily, […]

X-Factor Top 7 Rankings

December 1, 2011

Drew- She’s hardly the first one to slow down Billie Jean and strip it down. However, it worked for her voice. She’s becoming an American Teen version of Adele. I’m still concerned that she can’t sing uptempo at all. Or even a moderate tempo song. Paula was right. Avril Lavigne would be great for Drew. […]