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X-Factor Top 11 (My Rankings)

11) Stereo Hoggz- I think their performance this week was full of showmanship, for sure. But they were singing in unison a lot, and it didn’t sound great. After taking a trip to the Bottom 2 this week, I’m predicting they repeat, and go home.

10) Lakoda Rayne- Landslide didn’t do them any favors, and a very bland rendition of Somebody Like You isn’t helping. Plus, does anyone know who these girls are? I honestly think they could replace one of the girls with a random blonde girl, and no one would notice. Not even Paula.

9) Chris Rene- He’s given up on singing altogether, apparently. He’s not nearly as good a rapper as Astro, and he’s the weakest singer in the competition. He may be coming to an end soon.

8) Stacey Francis- I can’t say I enjoyed her screechy/Kermit inspired Queen of the Night. Melanie is the same genre, and she did her performance much better.

7) Leroy Bell- I absolutely love him, but in the same vein where Drew is getting knocked for doing ballads, Leroy also shows little to no range in genre. Plus, I’m starting to realize that he isn’t really a “pop star”, but he still definitely deserves a record deal. It kills me to put him this low.

6) Marcus Canty- He stayed about the same for me as last week. He played it smart this week and focused mainly on vocals, which was solid. He really struggled taking off that jacket though…

5) Josh Krajick- Very growly. Just like Leroy, I’m not 100% sure if he’s a “pop star”. But again, he deserves a record deal.

4) Rachel Crow- She moved up for me. It was a bit over mature for her, but she needed to remind us all why she’s in the competition after last week’s horrible song choice.

3) Drew- Again. She can’t just have an album of ballads. Even Adele has a few semi-upbeat numbers. Unless Simon is planning for Drew to release an album of lullabys, he’s gonna have to cave at some point.

2) Melanie Amaro- She needs to do something contemporary/upbeat. I have full faith in her abilities though.

1) Astro- He has no chance in winning, but he’s currently the most interesting contestant. He’s a much better rapper than Chris Rene, and he writes an assault of lyrics for a well known song that are just as powerful as the original, and are tailor made for his situation. I could totally see this kid on the radio a year from now. I’m serious.


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