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X-Factor Top 12 Thoughts

My Rankings of Last Night’s performances:

12) InTENsity- I’m done with Glee-lite. Can we all just finally agree this was not a good idea (or at least way too many people?)

11) Lakoda Rayne- Did not sound good last night, and they’re also struggling with staying together as a group.

10) Chris Rene- I like him, but to have a guy with a very limited range sing a Luther Vandross song is a mistake. His voice pales in comparison.

9) Stacey Francis- I feel like I’ve been assaulted by melisma.
8 ) Rachel Crow- She sang it well, but it was the wrong song, and they shouldn’t have changed the lyrics.

7) Stereo Hoggz- I’m trying to not hate all three groups simultaneously, and I like Stereo Hoggz the best out of all of them, but even their harmonies get freaky sometimes.

6) Leroy Bell- He’s better than this song. I think Nicole’s afraid of giving him uptempo songs (just like Josh), but the two of them won’t survive with drippy ballads for 6 more weeks.

5) Marcus Canty- Solid work. Solid vocals. He’s starting to look more like a contender.

4) Melanie Amaro- Not my favorite performance of hers, but this girl can definitely sing.

3) Josh Krajick- More drippy ballads, but damn he sang it well. And he seemed to feel it even more than Leroy felt his son.

2) Astro- Yeah, I’m ranking him this high. He looked like a pro on that stage. I think he’ll get a record deal out of this show, for sure. He has zero chance of winning though.

1) Drew- She had the best combination of overall performance with everything happening around her. Really good.


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