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Which Show Will Be The Next To Go?

How To Be A Gentleman became the latest casualty in a very short list of axed fall programming. Here’s a look at what’s safe, what’s not, and everything in between.

ALREADY PICKED UP: 2 Broke Girls, The New Girl, Up All Night, Whitney

ALREADY CANCELLED: The Playboy Club, Free Agents, H8R, How To Be A Gentleman

THE RULES DON’T APPLY: Terra Nova, X-Factor (neither show can actually be picked up for more episodes. They will either come back next Fall, or they won’t.)

1) Suburgatory- I’m ranking this as my “best guess” for the next full season. ABC hasn’t announced any shows yet, and Suburgatory’s ratings are really good, especially in week-to-week comparisons. It actually is doing better than returning favorite Happy Endings, which is losing almost half of Modern Family’s audience.

2) Secret Circle- The CW is more likely to get on board with this sooner than later, considering it’s from Vampire Diaries creator Kevin Williamson, and it’s their highest performing new series. It’s been running for 4 episodes already. I think it’s either a week or two away from a full season pickup.

3) Unforgettable- The show no one is talking about has a solid shot at a full season. Person of Interest has been dropping, A Gifted Man won’t get a full season, and CBS needs at least one of these to look like a success. Unforgettable seems like the best shot, since it is winning its timeslot.

4) Person of Interest- I’m putting this right behind Unforgettable, since I think they might get picked up at the same time. Ratings aren’t great, but I can’t imagine a world in which CBS doesn’t give JJ Abrams the room to grow.

5) Ringer- The CW doesn’t have a lot to replace their new shows with, and they obviously want to stick behind Sarah Michelle Gellar, after giving Ringer a rerun timeslot on Wednesdays (H8R’s old slot).

6) Hart of Dixie- I’m on the fence about whether or not this show is going the full mile. The CW could still give it a full run, since they’re losing a lot of shows anyway (both Supernatural and One Tree Hill are expected to end their runs, and Gossip Girl and 90210 aren’t exactly firing up a ratings storm).

7) Pan Am- I’m also on the fence here too, because the show started off so strong. It’s lost over a third of its original audience, and if the declines don’t stop, it will become a casualty of war. ABC has a lot of dramas on the shelf waiting at midseason.

8) Revenge- Almost the exact same thing as Pan Am, except I expect for Revenge to run all 13 episodes, even if they announce they aren’t producing anymore. It’s a linear soap, and ABC will give fans closure.

9) Prime Suspect- NBC has already axed two shows, and may actually give the well received Suspect a chance to breathe. It won’t get a full season, but I also doubt its the next to go.

10) A Gifted Man- The CBS drama is performing poorly. It’s already performing below Medium, which held the timeslot last fall… before getting cancelled. It’s only a matter of time. The only thing it has going for it right now is that CBS has already made one cut, and ABC hasn’t made any.

11) Charlie’s Angels- Now that Playboy Club is axed, the vultures are swarming around Charlie’s Angels. The anti-hype machine works its way so that networks feel obligated to take a show off the air, because it was such a bad idea in the first place. ABC has yet to cancel or renew anything, and they’re most likely getting close to some decisions. I expect they’ll renew Suburgatory and cancel Charlie’s Angels in the same breath.



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