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New Shows Still To Come

The cancellation of The Playboy Club, as well as the renewals of The New Girl, Up All Night, and Whitney has triggered me to remind you of what is yet to still come, and why some nets may not be cancelling or renewing as fast as they should be.


Allen Gregory- The first new animated sitcom to break into FOX”s lineup this fall. With rumors that The Simpsons may be nearing an end, FOX may be looking for a solid entry to their lineup. This premieres at the end of October, and has the backing of Jonah Hill.

I Hate My Teenage Daughter- New sitcom starring Jamie Pressley that’s gotten mixed reviews. Should premiere in November. FOX has two strong sitcoms right now, and may be trying to expand that number to 3 or 4. Traditionally, sitcoms on FOX struggle.

Alcatraz- It’s already slated to replace Terra Nova when the episodes run dry. New JJ Abrams show could be another hit for FOX in what has turned out to be a really strong season for them.

The Finder- The Bones spinoff is sharing the timeslot with Bones, so it’s not really eligible to replace anything yet.

Napoleon Dynamite- I don’t think we should take this seriously. Does anyone still care about Napoleon Dynamite?

Touch- The new Kiefer Sutherland drama that everyone’s been talking about. It’s not ready to go, it just got greenlit to series a few weeks ago. It will have to be a late-midseason show.


Grimm- NBC really needs a hit drama right now, and this poorly reviewed FRIDAY drama isn’t going to be it. It might get 4-5 episode aired, simply because its on Friday, but don’t get attached.

Rock Center with Brian Williams- The replacement for Playboy Club is a newsmagazine. It’s a sad day indeed.

Are You There Vodka?- NBC needs a replacement for Free Agents, and this Chelsea Handler based sitcom could be just what it needs.

Bent- Or, NBC could rush out this Amanda Peet sitcom. It actually pairs better with Up All Night.

BFF’s- I’ve heard good things about the pilot, but the promos just aren’t funny to me. I wonder what NBC will do with the show.

Awake- NBC’s solid new drama needs to be nurtured, because if this falls apart, then there’s no hope for mankind.

The Firm- NBC’s midseason dramas seem better than their fall dramas. They might actually be able to turn things around.

Smash- Another perfect example of NBC’s strong midseason dramas.



Last Man Standing- This heavily hyped Tim Allen show has gotten terrible reviews, but then again… According To Jim lasted like 8 seasons. All people need to do is tune in to make this a hit.

Man Up- This may easily get lost in the sitcom shuffle, especially since Suburgatory is doing well, and Cougar Town is waiting in the wings. It has the benefit of being paired with LMS… but that’s only a benefit if it does well. Man Up won’t have it’s own audience.

Once Upon A Time- Looking to debut in October, this fantasy show could be a perfect replacement for Charlie’s Angels. Right now, it’s got a different timeslot, but I’m sure ABC execs are already thinking what I just typed.

Apartment 23- ABC has a lot of sitcoms on the backburner, and this one is superbuzzy and has a great cast. Krysten Ritter and James Van Der Beek headline. The question now is, where to put it?

Good Christian Belles- ABC’s lineup isn’t terrible. They really only need to replace Charlie’s Angels. So the question is, where will this dramedy go?

Missing- As far as I’m aware, there aren’t a full run of episodes of this. I believe it’s only 6 episodes, so it will likely air in another shows spot instead of reruns.

The River- Another ABC drama that they don’t have room for.

Scandal- Again, another ABC drama that they don’t have room for. Maybe Pan Am and Body Of Proof should be afraid after all…

Work It- The crossdressing comedy I hope ABC buries and forgets about…

The 2-2- I expect this to be a replacement for A Gifted Man. It’s a crime drama that could fit well with CSI NY and Blue Bloods on Friday.

Untitled Rob Schneider Comedy- Considering the performance of How To Be A Gentleman, I’m surprised CBS didn’t have more comedies ready to take its place.

Notice how the CW has no shows ready? That’s because their only midseason show is One Tree Hill.

Speaking of returning shows: 30 Rock, Cougar Town, American Idol, Celebrity Apprentice, Bones, Bob’s Burgers, Breaking In, Fear Factor, and The Voice are all still waiting in the wings. Now that you see all the sitcoms NBC has to offer, why is Free Agents still airing? And why doesn’t CBS have more sitcoms?


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