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NBC Cancels ‘Playboy Club’; More ‘Whitney’, ‘All Night’

Despite the chief of NBC saying yesterday that he had every intention of sticking by his new low rated shows, The Playboy Club, Free Agents, and Prime Suspect, he’s decided just a week later to cancel The Playboy Club after its third episode. Many industry insiders predicted it to be the first cancelled show, which makes it hard to survive in this TV economy. If NBC wasn’t really serious about giving these shows a chance, Free Agents could fall prey to the cancellation axe after tomorrow night’s episode. In fact, I’d almost guarantee it, considering that Free Agents audience is smaller than Playboy Club’s, and loses more of its lead in.

On the flip side, NBC has picked up Up All Night (a no brainer), and Whitney. I’m a bit surprised by Whitney’s pick up, but it’s likely a good faith gesture. It’s just really early.

Which begs the question, why hasn’t CBS picked up 2 Broke Girls yet for a full season? It builds on How I Met Your Mother, and remains one of the top rated shows of the season.

Terra Nova did quite well in its week 2, losing none of its audience from week 1. However, Terra Nova (because of the complicated shooting due to heavy special effects) is not eligible for a back nine pickup. It will either get a second season next fall after its initial run, or it won’t.

Hart Of Dixie is low rated, but it actually building on Gossip Girl’s audience, just like The Ringer builds on 90210. Sure, 1.8 million viewers isn’t amazing, but considering 400K more people turn on their TV’s once Gossip Girl is over just to watch Hart of Dixie might earn the show a full season. I actually expect The CW to give full season orders to all three new shows (Secret Circle, Ringer, Dixie).


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