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Which Show Will Be The First To Go?

I recently checked out an article on Deadline that was the chief at NBC saying that he plans on sticking with Playboy Club and Free Agents for a little while longer. Any TV expert would have probably targeted those two as the most likely to be cancelled new series. Playboy Club is losing viewers week-to-week, in addition to losing viewers from its lead in, and in year-to-year comparisons. Free Agents is doing all of that as well, except it’s causing it’s lead out to suffer in the ratings as well. That being said, NBC says they’ll play at least next week, and has suggested they might actually finish their 13 episode runs.

If NBC is sticking by its series this season, which network/show will be the first to go? Here are my three picks for the series most in danger:

1) A Gifted Man- The pilot debuted below what Medium was averaging for the season last year, and Medium is now cancelled, so that’s not a good statistic. Plus, shows always lose audience from pilot-to-second episode. A Gifted Man will likely slide too far, too fast, and become the first casualty of the season. CBS’s other new dramas, Person of Interest and Unforgettable are performing better in their timeslots (though neither could be called remarkable).

2) Charlie’s Angels- ABC is not afraid to flinch. Last year, in the same timeslot, they axed My Generation after 2 episodes. Charlie’s isn’t performing nearly that bad, and it’s higher profile, so there’s a chance it might get some time to find it’s footing (ala Bionic Woman or Knight Rider) before getting the axe completely.

3) H8R- The CW reality series is the lowest rated show among the big five. The only reason to not cancel the show is that it’s relatively low cost to produce, and the episodes are already in the can. CW also doesn’t have anything to replace it, really, so reruns of something would just fill the timeslot.

Had NBC not just made a promise about Playboy Club and Free Agents, I might have put Whitney and Prime Suspect on this list, considering their week 2 drops, but I have a feeling NBC doesn’t want to be responsible for the first cancellation of the season.

As far as renewals go, I’m really surprised 2 Broke Girls hasn’t received a full season order yet. I expect it to be next. CBS’s dramas (Unforgettable, Person of Interest) might have to wait a few more weeks, as neither one of them are a particularly solid bet. CBS will wait till the week-to-week drops stop happening to find out where the actual audience for the show lies. I also think How To Be A Gentleman is on the chopping block, as well as A Gifted Man.

ABC will likely stick behind Revenge for a full season, if it doesn’t lose anymore viewers. Also, things look good for Pan Am and Suburgatory. Not so much for Body Of Proof, which isn’t nearly as strong this season as it was last year at midseason. Also, even if it isn’t the first cancellation, Charlie’s Angels is not going to get a full season.

NBC will likely not order any of its freshman series that have premiered (Grimm still has to debut) to a full season, except Up All Night.

It’s too early to tell about Terra Nova at FOX. If the audience holds, Terra will stick around. It’s an expensive show, and it needs people to be watching it. New Girl has already been picked up, with 2 extra episodes ordered. X-Factor is a lock to finish out this season.

The CW’s new shows are actually doing quite well. I expect Hart of Dixie, Ringer, and Secret Circle to all get full seasons, since this will be the last season of Supernatural and One Tree Hill, and probably 90210 if those ratings don’t trend up. Gossip Girl isn’t doing much either, and Nikita is failing on Friday. Pretty much, CW is only Vampire Diaries and the 3 new shows.


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