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New Fall Shows: New Ranks!

We’re into, technically, week 3 of the fall season. I still haven’t gotten the chance to watch all the new fall shows, in addition to the returning shows I already watch. So you’re gonna have to forgive me.

1) 2 Broke Girls- Kat Dennings continues to be the funniest new actress on TV (sorry Zooey). This sitcom is edgy, funny, well written, and is doing great in the ratings. If you’re scared of falling in love with a new show just to see it get cancelled, let me remind you that CBS has renewed Mike and Molly, and also Rules of Engagement (5 times).

2) The Secret Circle- I hear the show is going to get edgier. As far as the first 2 episodes go, it’s doing a great job of developing the characters and furthering the story just enough to keep you interested. I know it’s on the CW, and it looks like a copy of The Vampire Diaries, but it’s truly watchable. Promise.

3) Suburgatory- When I head about this pilot, I wasn’t excited. Luckily, the pilot proved me wrong. It’s really smart, tremendously funny, and a perfect fit for the Modern Family/Cougar Town/The Middle lineup.

4) Revenge- Soapy goodness. Strong cast. Emily Van Camp. Plus, there’s  a promise that the plot will wrap up this season, in order to get a new plot for next season. That way Emily Van Camp won’t just be perpetually getting Revenge for 7 years.

5) Up All Night- I’ve seen the first three episodes (including the one that’s on tonight), and I can tell you the show is starting to find its footing. It’s actually getting a little less edgy with time, but the cast is incredibly strong. I hope it can stay interesting, but neither the 2nd or 3rd episode are incredibly amazing stand alone episodes.

6) Heart of Dixie- It’s not quite Everwood, but it’s been compared to it. Rachel Bilson isn’t quite believable as a doctor, but everyone else in the cast is perfectly cast. Luckily, she’s charming (unlike Amber Heard in Playboy Club), so she carries the show well. I’m excited to see what the second episode brings.

7) The New Girl- OK. Two episodes in, and I’m realizing that the guys are funnier than Zooey. Even though Damon Wayans Jr dipped out of the show, and the replacement guy isn’t nearly as funny, the second episode was strong. I might end up liking this show.

8) Pan Am- Nothing particularly wrong with this show, it’s just very fluffy. There isn’t much substance. It’s not really a thriller, a drama, a comedy. It just… is. It really needs to find a genre… fast.

9) The Playboy Club- I’d move this up my rankings if Amber Heard left the show, and someone who could act replaced her. She’s awful, and she’s killing what is otherwise a decent show. Two episodes in, and I’m hoping NBC gives the show a chance.

10) Person of Interest- JJ Abrams can do better than this. I was so disappointed. I hope this show gets better, because it’s 2 seconds away from being just another dumb CBS procedural show that nursing homes everywhere love to watch.

11) X-Factor- Less bad auditions, please. PLEASE. American Idol doesn’t have this many bad auditions anymore.

12) Whitney- I’ve seen the second episode. There’s officially only one funny character (and it’s not Whitney). The canned laughter is distracting, when they have people laughing at EVERY FUCKING JOKE, regardless of whether it’s funny or not. NBC needs to axe this, it really doesn’t fit in their lineup.

12)  Ringer- 2 episodes in (sorry, didn’t watch last night) and honestly couldn’t care what happens next. Sarah Michelle Gellar can do better than this.

13) A Gifted Man- Boring. Dull. I still say its the worst new fall show. I fully expect the ghost element to be worked out before the end of the season, so he can just be a boring doctor without a personality solving medical mysteries. Don’t waste a DVR slot on it, just trust me.

Still need to watch: Charlie’s Angels, Unforgettable, Terra Nova


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