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A Gifted Man (Not so much)

We’re a week deep into the fall season, and I’ve warmly greeted the return of my beloved circle of friends (Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, Community, Modern Family), and considered some of the new entries into my regular lineup. For a good TV watcher, the first few weeks are key, because you have to be able to catch a bunch of different shows. You also have to know what to dump and when to dump it.

Here’s my breakdown so far:

1) The Secret Circle- honestly my favorite new show so far. I remember watching the first handful of Vampire Diaries an thinking “what the fuck am I watching?” Secret Circle is so much better. Well written, solidly acted, good plot, great tempo. I actually can’t even watch it live, since its against Grey’s Anatomy and X-Factor. So, the best fall show is something I’ve been downloading on Itunes.

2) 2 Broke Girls- This is running a close second. I loved the pilot. Kat Dennings is perfect. I think this has huge runaway hit potential.

3) Revenge- A really solid pilot with a lot of setup. I hope it doesn’t get too soapy on me. Emily Van Camp is quite amazing, as always.

4) X-Factor- I’m not super excited, as they seem to love showing us more terrible auditions than good auditions. American Idol has even gotten away from that a bit. I think that’s holding X-Factor back.

5) Up All Night- I’m concerned that it’s on Wednesday night instead of Thursday. It’s funnier than Whitney, and will start losing an audience. This is the last show on my list that I think I might be committed to the full season.

6) The New Girl- I don’t think it’s quite as hilarious as some people seem to think, but it has a certain charm. I could possibly keep it going, but I’m not sure if the show will still be funny without Damon Wayans Jr.

7) Whitney- The humor is really forced, and even though it’s “filmed in front of a live audience”, it’s pretty obvious that it’s canned laughter.

8) The Playboy Club- I think this has 1 episode left to lure me in, otherwise I’m done.

9) Ringer- This show is super boring, super soapy, and super dumb. Don’t bother. I gave it a second episode.

10) A Gifted Man- Worst pilot of the fall season (so far). I’m not giving it a second episode. I do give it major props for the SMASH CUT TO CREDITS immediately after he found out that he sees ghosts. And by major props, I literally started laughing out loud.

Still on my DVR:


Prime Suspect

Free Agents


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