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Monday Ratings: Two and a Half Men Does Ridiculous Business

OK, so Ashton Kutcher just beat Charlie Sheen to a pulp in the parking lot. 27 million viewers tuned in to see the terrible sitcom’s “tribute” to Charlie Harper. This, of course, meant HUGE spillover for 2 Broke Girls, which landed 19 million viewers. It’s highly unlikely that another new show will gain that many viewers (including X-Factor. Sorry, Simon).

Now, what the other “news” sites are trying to report is the complete failure of The Playboy Club. Sure, it placed third for the night with only 5 million viewers. However, considering that its lead in, “The Sing-Off” gave it a lead in of 4.7 million viewers in the 9-10PM slot, Playboy Club actually grew in numbers.

Should Playboy Club continue to build on The Sing Off, there’s no reason it wouldn’t do its full 13 episode run. However, if it starts losing viewers, and dipping below The Sing Off, that’s an entirely different story. Pundits are already acting like the show is a failure, without any idea of what the 1st to 2nd week retention rate will be. For example, 4.5-5 million viewers would be terrific. 4.0-4.5 million would be disappointing. Anything under 4 million viewers next week, and you can count the show out. However, if 2 Broke Girls can keep the momentum it has going, and stay above 12 million, it’ll be the first Fall pickup.


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