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Emmy Predictions

I really need to keep up on this blog.

It’s 7PM, the Emmy’s officially start in an hour, and I want it on record who my predictions are… so I can see if I get them right.


Lead Actress In A Comedy Series:

Who Will Win: Laura Linney (The Big C). It’s a comedy/drama about surviving cancer and Laura Linney is a well respected actress. Her biggest competition is Amy Poehler for Parks and Recreation, who hasn’t won before, but her series barely gets any love.

Who Should Win:  Martha Plimpton (Raising Hope). She’s honestly lucky to be nominated (just ask Courtney Cox).


Lead Actor In A Comedy Series:

Who Will and Should Win: Steve Carrell (The Office). It’s his final season and last chance to be recognized. I can’t imagine people didn’t take that into consideration.

Comedy Series:

Who Will and Should Win: Modern Family. Of course, fans of the other shows could say the same thing about their show. Parks and Recreation was lucky to get a spot, Glee had an uneven (and honestly dramatic) third season, and it’s past the time for 30 Rock or The Office. The only potential upset would be The Big Bang Theory, which got more love this year as Johnny Galecki also got a nomination.

Supporting Actress In A Comedy:

Who Will Win: Jane Lynch (Glee). She continues to be the best thing about the show, and her hosting duties tonight will help prove that.

Who Should Win: Sofia Vergara (Modern Family). She’s got direct competition from Julie Bowen though, who could be splitting her Modern Family votes.

Supporting Actor In A Comedy:

Who Will Win: Chris Colfer (Glee). There was a big hoopla last year when Ed O’Neill wasn’t recognized, because there was confusion as to why he was supporting (the entire modern family cast submits themselves as supporting. there is no lead.) This year should have been a slam dunk, except for the other 3 Modern Family cast members (including last years winner Eric Stonestreet) who are bound to pull votes. This could leave a win for Colfer, who had strong dramatic work on Glee last year.

Who Should Win: Ed O’ Neill (Modern Family).


Lead Actress In A Drama

Who Will Win: Julianna Marguiles (The Good Wife). This is an actress they love, in a show they love (that keeps getting better). Expect her to stay on top for a bit.

Who Should Win: Katey Segal (Sons Of Anarchy). Too bad she wasn’t nominated. Yes, I’m still bitter.


Lead Actor In A Drama

Who Will Win: Jon Hamm (Mad Men). This simply comes down to the fact that he submitted his strongest episode of the season, which reminds viewers of how strong an actor he actually is. A close second would be voters deciding that Steve Buscemi (Boardwalk Empire) is some sort of major star that sometimes gets rewarded inexplicably.

Who Should Win: Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights). It’d be like a “career” award for him for his work over the entire series, not just the final season.

Supporting Actress In A Drama:

Who Will  and Should Win: Margo Martindale (Justified). She’s a career character actress who gave the work of her life in Justified. I can’t imagine who voted against her, even if Justified is a smaller show.

Supporting Actor In A Drama:
Who Will and Should Win: Peter Dinklage (Game Of Thrones). It’s easy. He’s the best thing about the show. I’m a little worried about John Slattery, but I think Dinklage can beat him this time.


Drama Series;

Who Will Win: Game Of Thrones. I’m going to be bold on my prediction here. Mad Men is an easy choice. I feel like voters are gonna either choose Game of Thrones or The Good Wife this year. Thrones has the HBO machine behind it, and it could edge out a victory.

Who Should Win: Sons of Anarchy (sadly, not nominated)


Reality Competition Program:

Who Will Win: American Idol (although, they chose the worst episode to submit for consideration…. the finale, in which there is no competition.) Top Chef won last year, and had a strong year again, and could repeat. It’s safe to say that after breaking the Amazing Race train that voters aren’t jumping back on board anytime soon.

Who Should Win: So You Think You Can Dance


Variety Program:

Who Will Win: Conan. I think the Conan love will continue to his new TBS show.

Who Should Win: The Colbert Report. Consistently funny, consistently loses to The Daily Show.


Let’s see what happens…. I usually get most categories right.



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