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Google+, where is everybody?

So I finally got the coveted invite to Google+, which means I know the cool kids, since the site is exclusively “invite only”. Now, I can invite people, so I can let all the unpopular kids in through the back door. Mwahaha.

My first complaint is that, because it is invite only, there’s almost no one on there. Why make the jump if you can’t actually talk to your friends and share your thoughts with them? Making it invite only has a level of exclusivity, sure, but that’s not what social networking is about.

Also, profile information is limited. What happened to relationships? Mark Zuckerberg got it right when he realized what we really want to know is if the hot girl we met in chemistry class is single or not, without having to ask her directly.

The cool feature about Google+ is the different circles you can put people in to, so you don’t have to read about people you haven’t seen in years. However, you can also do this with facebook, simply by hiding someone from your newsfeed. Otherwise, this is just a barebones version of facebook. Time will tell if this site survives or not, but right now, I only have 6 friends on Google+ and hundreds more on Facebook, so I’m giving Facebook the edge.


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