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They’re Still Running This Game…

Today, I got this email. It sucks that this guy died in an “air clash”, since I’m not really sure what that is. I think it’s funny that they still think people fall for this crap.

Hello dear,
Please carefully read this message and reply quickly.
My aim of contacting you is to seek your partnership in moving some funds from my bank to your country using your name as the beneficiary. The fund belongs to a dead person (from your country) and we made an intensive effort to trace his family and relatives for the past 8 years but he died along with his entire
family in air clash. Presently, our bank directors are preparing to divert the funds to their individual pockets if nobody is presented as the next of kin within next 6 months. I would like to use this lucrative opportunity to discuss terms of sharing the funds with you if you accept to work with me.  This business is a kind of secret and will take a minimum of 10 working days to accomplish. However, there’s no risk attached, i would simply use my position
and influence in my bank to approve your information as the beneficiary/next of kin for the funds while you do not need to travel outside your country to make this project successful. The amount involved is ($19M) USD. I am willing to share the fund 50-50 as long as you are trustworthy and reliable. However, remember this business is highly confidential, please do not discuss it with anyone else. I await your prompt response. Respectively,
Mr. Ken Gabriel


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