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So You Can Think You Can Dance- Top 14 Week

I’ve been watching So You Think You Can Dance since the beginning. Not just this season, but Season 1. I was pushing for Hok before he ever made the top 20, and Philip Chbeeb, and Twitch. I suppose I like the hip hoppers more. But contemporary dancers like Jakob, Lauren, and Alex, and other dancers like Benji and Evan rank in my favorites.

This season, I’m pretty much leaning toward this being a face-off between Melanie and Sasha (with Marko somewhere in the top 4). Also, I want to add just how crazy it is that Travis Wall is sitting on the judging panel after coming in second place on Season 2? That’s awesome, and something American Idol should consider doing should Jennifer Lopez jump ship.

The top  7 guys opened the show with a group routine that was fairly memorable about the 7 stages of grief. My one stage of grief was that Chris is unable to keep up with the other six guys, and was also tasked with being trapped in a hoodie.

Melanie and Marko came as the first couple doing a jazz routine. They’ve gotten some really great draws this season, in addition to being the top couple. They haven’t had to do any ballroom pieces, or disco, or anything silly like that. This jazz routine was supposed to be sexy, and while it was danced well (because the dancers are amazing) the piece itself could have been better. It felt more like a tango than a jazz piece, so I was lost in the confusion of style.

Alexander is holding Sasha back. It’s obvious. He wasn’t grasping the task of hip hop this week and dragged the entire number down. If they hit the bottom 3 this week, I would not be surprised to see Alexander go home and Sasha paired up with a stronger male dancer that could get her to the finish line. Also, the number itself was just so-so.

I have yet to be blown away this week, and Jordan and Tadd aren’t going to do it for me either. It was a conceptual waltz that was crafted smartly to not make Jordan and Tadd look incompetent. What that really means is that the choreography was dumbed down. I don’t think that it was necessarily a bad routine, it just was an easy routine.

Clarice (who I believe had her personality sucked out of her by aliens) and Jess get to dance contemporary from the same guy who choreographed the awesome opening guys routine. Clarice has a vacant look on her face the entire routine, but Jess really pulls all of himself into it. It’s the best routine of the night, so far.

Inexplicably, Ashley and Chris are still in the competition. Interesting fact: Chris is dyslexic. More interesting: These two are about to salsa. Oy Vey! This dance was pretty much just some really interesting tricks. It was definitely fun to watch, however, I feel that in the easier parts it wasn’t fast enough. The spins were slow, and neither one of them looked the part. Even Carmen Electra didn’t like it. Guest judges usually don’t give bad feedback… but Carmen does.

I think I’m alone in this, but I like Ryan. I’m not sure if Ricky is my favorite, but he seems adequate. Ricky’s spins are what Ashley’s spins should have been in the last number. He’s so freaking fast, it’s sick. He has a great center. This is a bizarre number overall but I’m enjoying it. I think that sometimes the numbers can be a bit too far into left field, but this was just the right amount of bizarre.

Caitlynn and Mitchell close the evening with a contemporary routine. I typically don’t enjoy Mandy Moore routines, however this routine is an exception. I think it’s a great routine, and actually showcases Mitchell and Caitlynn’s chemistry as a couple. It’s a fierce routine with constant movement. They got a standing ovation from the judges,  so I think we all agree that this was the best routine of the night.

Who should be safe: Caitlynn and Mitchell, Jess and Clarice, Ryan and Ricky, and Melanie and Marko.

Bottom 3: Sasha and Alexander, Ashley and Chris, Jordan and Tadd.

Who should go home: Ashley and Chris


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