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July 6th: A Second Chance

In case you’ve missed my posts so far, I watch a lot of TV. One of the few new shows from last season that actually caught my eye (seriously, most of them sucked) was Breaking In. The troubled FOX sitcom that wasn’t good enough initially to get a series order was finally picked up for midseason, had a pretty decent run, and got cancelled unexpectedly by FOX. However, there was some rumbling about that decision, and it’s led to FOX picking up the contracts for the actors until November so they can decide whether or not to return the show at Midseason next year. This seems to happen a lot to Bret Harrison shows.

In other FOX news, Glee and Ryan Murphy are backtracking a lot on the Chord Overstreet drama saying that he’s not being written off the show, and will be on the show as long as he wants to be on the show. He just wasn’t picked up as a series regular, but might be as early as January (only to graduate in May?). I wasn’t initially a Sam fan, but by the end of the season, his character was fully fleshed out. Now I hope he gets to stay. He’s definitely less annoying than Finn.

I’ve also had the opportunity to work on some lyrics with a friend for a song for a local artist. So, be on the lookout eventually for Between A Rock And A Hard Place. Yeah, it’s cheesy. We know.

I’ve also been catching up on Sons of Anarchy. How Katey Segal hasn’t won an Emmy for her work on the show is beyond me. Actually, the ensemble is strong. Charlie Hunnam is terrific. I hope I can catch up before the fourth season starts in September.


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