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America’s Got Talent: Finishing The Top 48

The Stand-Bys are competing for the Top 48 slots. These were the people that the judges weren’t 100% sure of.

They’re starting with magicians, and AGT doesn’t always show us the names, so I can’t comment on everyone, but the first guy was boring. The snake charmer themed guy stumbled too. But we do meet LANDON who we saw before. I remember him. Seth goes next, and his magic act has potential, but he’s not a great dancer and needs to stop flying through the air like a silly man.

Kid acts. Playtime is over. Stop jumping in the pool. Lil T is gonna krump some more for us. Is it a million dollar act? No. He’s cute though. Avery and the Calico Hearts are next, and they sound like chipmunks. The main girl can really sing though for her age. She should voice Alvin though. I would keep them. The two kid dancers can get cut though. The black girl singing Changing bored me. The three rapper kids are cute, and I wouldn’t be upset if they made it, but I’d still cut them. Anna Graceman can at least play the piano, and is a good singer, so she deserves a shot.She also messed up on the piano, and it didn’t throw her at all. Other acts have frozen.

The DANGER Acts. If you weren’t good enough to be a judges favorite danger act, we should be concerned. The first guy, with the flames, was OK. The kid who is the flaming twirler was good and should go through.  I’m amazed the girl on the beam didn’t already make it through, since that’s a great act. Smodgee Brothers are looking to be the third bike act in the show, so they have to be good. They just keep jumping over their friend.The ramp tricks are pretty good. They should probably go through.

Now, more dancers. The first group is just OK. The stripper looking girls are just OK too. not a lot of dancing going on. Sambee is next, and it’s sad that he’s even still here. If he gets through, its obvious it’s just to make fun of him.

Novelty Acts… AKA what the fuck. I think if Leonid makes it through, Piers will shit a brick. He’s sort of entertaining though. He’s actually versatile, in that his act changes a lot. The juggler was fun, but doesn’t necessarily need a spot. The male stripper… umm…. moving on to a yo yo kid, who is really sick at what he does, but is it a show? Two old guys are here to suck it up, just like Leonid. One guy plays the piano while the other does a hand stand on the chair. Weirdest act ever.

Male singers. Who can face off against Desmond? Will it be Dylan? His Hallelujah cover was tepid at best, and his new song is just OK. He’s not very exciting, and I think he’d get cut immediately. A soul guy sings a bit with Try A Little Tenderness, and someone does rock, another guy does Firework, and they’re all probably going to get cut. Mauricio, who was awful in first audition, is back to piss of Piers more.  One of my favorites, Daniel Joseph Baker, is next, and I hope he’s great because it concerns me that he wasn’t a judges favorite.

Apparently there weren’t any female singers, because we’re onto the decisions.

The fire twirling kid is cut.

The fire danger act guy is cut.

The biker act, and the balancing beam act made it to Top 48.

The three little girls and the three little rappers both made it.

Tanner is cut though. The two dancing kids are cut too.

Anna made the cut, so did the boring black girl who sang Changing.

Landon and the magician whose act failed made the cut.

The other magician acts were cut, as were the two old guys, and the male stripper.

The juggler and the yo yo kid both made top 48.

Leonid got cut, which sucks… I suppose. Especially since the fat guy who dances made the top 48. Really? REALLY?

Both dance groups made it through.

Some male singers got cut.

Daniel and the Ricky Martin wanna be, as well as two more singers made the cut.

Overall, I’m OK with the results, but I think Leonid should have been afforded the chance to be made fun of instead of the fat guy dancer. Leonid, I think, is more aware of his novelty value, whereas the other guy was legitimately in the dance category.




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